Li-ion Battery Chemical Powders, Binders and Electrodes Sheet

DISCLAIMER   :   The Battery Consumables (e.g., Electrode Materials, Binders, Solvents, Electrolyes, and etc.) supplied by MTI Corporation are mainly intended for research and equipment training uses.    The company in no way guarantees or makes any claims or promises on fulfilling the desired outcomes of customer applications.    Minor variations can also be expected in the listed specifications of products.

Li-ion Battery Cathode Powders 


Conductive Anode Powders for Li-ion Battery 


Li-ion Battery Binders 




Li-ion Battery Electrode/Li Chips 


Lithium Foil & Chip 


Slurry & Liquid Mixing 


Doctor-Blade Film Coater (Tape casting) 


Electrolyte for Li-Ion Battery ( Liquid & Solid) 

Chemicals for Na-Ion & Multivalent Batteries