Crystal & Material

Crystals Substrates: A-Z( 단결정 / Single Crystal )
MTI has been supplying all types of single crystals for researchers and industries since 1995.
Ceramic Substrates: A-Z
The ceramic substrates are made by tape casting or hot pressing technology for thick electronic film and board.
MTI supplies the ceramic substrate in both as-fire and fine polished surfaces.    Please click the follow ceramic substrate from A-Z to purchase our standard substrate on-line.    If you have any special need for the ceramic substrate, please feel free to contact us. 
Metal Substrates & Foil: A-Z
MTI is developing metallic substrates, including single crystal metal, polycrystaline metallic substrates and thin metallic foils.
Thin Film on Substrates: A-Z
MTI cooperates with several companies to supply various thin film on substrate from A to Z for R&D.    If you need any film on substrate , but can not find from the list below, please contact us at .
Nano Powder & Chemical( Nano powders: A-Z / High Purity Chemical A-Z )
From 10 years oxide crystal growth practice, MTI has established good relationship with many fine chemical manufactures around world with approved quality.    We would like to introduce the following high purity chemicals to our customer with promised quality and low price.
Target / Evaporation : A-Z
MTI specializes in various oxide, semiconductor and alloy targts and evaporation materials.    If you have any special need for targets, please contact us at .    원하시는 사양의 타겟을 주문제작해 드립니다.