Power & Slurry Mill / Mixer

MTI has been manufacturing laboratory mill/mixer since 1994, offered the first model of ball mill into the world.    Then the following years we've been divoting ourselves to designing the most efficient, pratical and affortable laboratory mill/mixer.    Thus many new and fashion models are gradully stepping and finding a place in the specificate market where cumulate the most of the elites involved in the new generation of matierial science.


Crusher & Grinder & Sieving 


Various Ball Mills 


Wet Mixing 


Natural Agate Mortar and Pestle 


Cryogenic & High-Temperature Ball Milling 


Dry Powder Mixing / Blenders 


Consumables Milling Ball & Jar 


Planetary Centrifugal Mixing & Milling 


Jet Mill 


Particle Granulators 


Powder Sieving Devices 


Liquid Phase Reactors & Spray Atomizers 


Powder Dispensing 




Accessories for Slurry & Liquid Mixing 



Please check our Mill Range By Particle Size Page to choose your lab mill or mixer.



DRY Sample Size

Electric Hammer Mill / Crusher


  •      •  Input:       < 70 mm Max.
  •      •  Output:     3 - 6 mm

Ceramic Jaw Crusher / Mill

  •      •  Input: Sample size: 5 - 20 mm
            diameter or thickness
  •      •  Output: Output size : 0.1 mm -  3
             mm (adjustable via a digital
Ball Mill MSK-SFM-3
  •      •  Input: <1mm
  •      •  Output: 0.1 micron minimum for
            certain material
Jet MillMSK- BPM-50
  •      •  Input: 100 - 200 mesh
            (0.149-0.074mm,149-77 Microns)
  •      •  Output: 2 - 5 micron, 50-500g/hr



WET Sample Size

Roller Mill