Furnace Accessories

Flanges, Fittings, Valves & Gauges for Tube 


Vacuum Pump & Gas Purification 


Gas, Liquid & Solid Powder Delivery/Formation 


Ceramic Crucibles(Al2O3, ,BN,Quartz Y2O3, YSZ etc) & Testing Fixture 


Processing Tubes and Blocks 


Heating Elements 


Temperature Control Units and Software 


Thermal Couples ( K, S, B type ) & Calibration Kit 


Water Chiller & Air Cooling 


Trace Oxygen & Humility Analyzer 

Power Cable, Plug & Fuses 


Pellet Pressing Die 


Mobile Tables 


UL Certificate Compontents for MTI's Furnace 


Ceramic Adhesives & Coating and Refractory Board 


Furnace Heating Modules 


220V- 110V-220V- 380V Transformers 


Vacuum Storage Chambers  


Tools and Accessories 


Furnace Spare Parts